"One more step..complete the security check" Problem: CloudFlare, GoogleAdSense/Ads Manager

I just bought an ads manager from https://www.smfpacks.com/ads/.
Install went fine & I’m able to create an ad from a local file.

however when i attempt to create an ad using google adsence I am sent to a cloudflare verification/captcha page.

When i complete the verification & am returned to the smf adsmanager page, i get the following error message “Your session timed out while posting”.

I’ve whitelisted my ipv4 &6 address in cloudflare. no joy

When i access the logs I see
03 Sep, 2019 12:20:22 - Challenge - WAF - My ipv6 removed - United States
…I drilled into that log entry ^^ (/forum/index.php?action=admin;area=ads;sa=add_ad;save) and ‘Excluded’ that URI – no joy

i believe i can get by with suspending the WAF service while i create the ad, then reinstate it?
I would like to actually solve the problem tho

My domain is friendsofcc.com. Current SMF version: SMF 2.0.15
my current Cloudflare security level is Medium
I have no firewall rules aside from the
Web Application rules which is set to ON and the
Cloudflare Managed rulesets, of which
Flash, Miscellaneous, PhP, Specials and Wordpress are all turned on.

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