One Month Old Past Hosting Cache Still Persistent

We have changed our host about a month ago. Old host was using CloudFlare by default.
We are on a completely different server / IP / DNS, etc from the old host’s configuration.
When we try to hook up with CloudFlare again. Old host’s 404 page is rendering.
How to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Assuming you have updated Cloudflare DNS settings with correct IP pointing to new server… Have you tried the Purge Cache option?

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It’s also possible that the old host hasn’t released your domain from their integration. You may have to ask them about this, or open a Support ticket here.

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Thank you indeed for your quick reply.
I have been using cloudflare for quite a long time, and purging the cache was the first step when I have encountered this problem. Don’t remember how many repetitions I have made now. :slight_smile:

Sdayman; I believe that is the main origin of the problem. Thank you for your brilliant advice.

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