One domain works going to my store, the other does not

I have two domains using the free cloudfrare service. One is working perfectly while the other does not
The two sites are postcardcollecting dot com
The other site is aboardnoahsark dot com
Both are set up in Cloudflare but only postcardcollecting is working properly

I have added and readded the domain and started from scratch several time over several days and weeks … but with no luck.
I’m at a loss as to what do do now
Any Help?

You can see what I get by doing to the domains by using the links

For me both domains work properly. I can not see any problem with them.
Both are using Cloudflare and are proxied.

Does this problem still exist?

Good Morning
Thank you for this reply. It seems that as of last night they are working properly. I truly appreciate this reply and also you telling me that they are proxied. It was difficult for me to understand what features to use with Cloudflare being a novice.
Again, so appreciated :slight_smile:

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