One domain is missing a Universal Shared SSL Edge Certificate

I have SSL Edge Certificate (Universal Shared) on two of my domains, however, my other two do not have any Edge Certificates.

When I click “Order SSL Certificate”, it says I already have a “Universal (Shared)” certificate, but it does not list it under my certificates, like it does with my other domains.

How do I go about requesting or enabling one?

At the top of the Crypto page, there’s a Status line. What does it say?

Hey @sdayman. On the two sites that I have certificates, it says “Universal SSL Status: Active Certificate”

On the sites that I don’t have any, there is not status listed at all.

In that case, I suggest you scroll to the bottom of that page and click “Disable Universal SSL” then wait about ten minutes, then click that button again to re-issue a certificate.

Attached is a screenshot. Note how it says “No certificates”. (This site has been on Cloudflare for several years, just like the other two.)

Thank you. Great idea. I didn’t think of that. I will try that now.


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