+ Cloudflare = Email issues

First of all, I’m very unfamiliar with CDN and DNS and my knowledge is next to none, but I do follow instructions well.

Just signed up for Cloudflare and changed my nameservers 5 hours ago. Everything worked perfectly except emails, of course. is my web host and I’ve tried searching for similar issues but the one I found here didn’t help me.

Tried getting the IP address of the server that handles my mail, but said “There is no IP address of our mail servers”.

Emails are still just getting delayed and I don’t know what to do anymore.
Here are my settings:

My website gets C and D scores on GTmetrics without Cloudflare and it is a bit to slow and heavy without it. Any pointers in any direction?

And also: am I being to impatient? Should I wait more than 5 hours before calling it an issue?
Thank you

Those MX records are wrong. The way they’re written, it’s for an email address like [email protected]

They should be set up for @ (or just type in And generally weighted by priority, like a 10, 20, and 30. But all 10s is ok.

Do you really want a wildcard subdomain? If you only have and the www, you don’t need those first two entries. They can’t proxied through Cloudflare anyhow, and will expose your server’s IP address.

That 207 IP address for POP and IMAP is a Dovecot server, so that should work.

Hmm, specifically told me that I need to use the for the email to work through Cloudflare, but I guess I can try to change it up and see what happens.

That might be for the other field. The Value field is truncated, so I don’t know what webpod1-cph3… is.

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This solved my issue! Thank you!

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