One category not redirect to https

I have enabled SSL, but I want one category and a specific page not redirected to https. Is this possible?

You can use a Page Rule to set SSL to off. You’ll probably need two page rules – one for the category slug, and one for that one page url.

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Do i need to turn off Always use Https option?

No. The Page Rule should override the global setting.

I created a page rule as the screen, but the specific category does not load successfully. it give me an error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
it was redirected to https and then to http non-stop

It looks like I’ve been outsmarted by Page Rules. So much for not worrying about Always Use HTTPS. Come to think of it, you’ll also have to have HSTS turned off.

Out of curiosity, why do you want HTTPS turned off for parts of your site?

Thank you sdayman for all the support, which helps me a lot.
I never used HSTS.
Actually, it is not this site that i want to turn ssl off on some pages. I only use this site to test.
the software i sell needs to use a file on my website that served as http. The software cannot open https version. By the way, i call it bad development.