One blog post has virus

Hi, everyone.
As soon as I linked Blog Post A to Blog Posts B, C and D, Posts B, C and D created spam comments on Post A, and those spam comments’ ip address is my site’s public ip address.

What kind of virus is this? How can I fix it?


Thank you for asking.

Unfortunately, as I am not sure how this might be related to Cloudflare and as far as I can see from the above screenshot it is a WordPress website, I’d suggest you to either:

  1. Disable comments
  2. Make sure the author needs to input username/email, has to be registered, etc.
  3. Install some anti-spam plugin like Akismet, etc.
  4. Disable pingbacks and backlinks (including XML-RPC)
  5. Scan your Website for any malicious code and possible malware

Furthermore, I am not familiar with this behaviour of WordPress.

Try using some of the WordPress related forums for more help.


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