Once turn on 'proxy', site would break

Hi guys,

anyone can help me solve this issue?

I hosted my site on getflywheel.com and proxied through Cloudflare. everything worked fine. And then I tried another host: elementor cloud, and changed the ‘A’ record. After a while, I changed back to getflywheel, so the issue arose. Once I turn on proxy, my site would break. The browser error is 551.

According to elementor’s introduction, its hosting CDN is also through Cloudflare.

I tried to clear the cache, but it didn’t work.

Appreciate your valuable input.


What is the exact error message? It is unlikely 551. Without specific information I’d suggest checking with elementor as they are a website building platform right? Most likely an issue with their platform.

Hi cscharff, thanks for reply. Please check the attached picture. once I turn on proxy, it will not open and have this error.

I didn’t use elementor cloud host now. The site is editted using elementor pro plugin. do you think I need to consult them?



Unfortunately I can’t read Korean(?), but yes I would imagine this is an error with your host as it doesn’t look like any Cloudflare error page I have ever seen.

sorry, it’s Chinese. it reads “this page functions abnormally. if it persists, please contact the owner. HTTP ERROR 551, reload (in blue)”.

I contacted getflywheel and they told me they checked and didn’t find anything wrong at their side. I am not a technical guy. Don’t know what question I should ask them. please what should I ask them for now?

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