ONCE APO IS ENABLED I cannot log into Wordpress ADMIN

Once the APO is enabled on Cloudflare I cannot log into the WordPress admin, can some help or explain what’s happening.

what error ?

Once the APO is enabled we can’t acces our admin, we must disable to login in, how can this be fixed.

Not being able to access is a bit vague as it can be caused by multiple reasons, what error are you getting exactly?
Does the page just stay still?
Does the page just refresh and do nothing?
Does it throw an error code?
Invalid login credentials?

Try this page rule

so you get to the admin or login page, place your credentials and it just spins for about 2 min then it says this site is on Cloudflare. so you cannot get in to post or do anything else, once you disable APO on Cloudflare you login immediately.

did not work at all thanks

Hi @ernestobcooke

Do you have any security plugin enabled as Wordpress plugin?
Ex: To block access to wp-admin after a specific amount of bad logins

If yes, there is currently an issue when you enable APO which is mangling all the IPs and make appears all the connections come from only one IPs who is one from Cloudflare, which would explain why you cannot access your wp-admin if it is often the target of attacks, as everyone is under the same IP for the security plugin, then everyone gets blocked since they appear from the same source.

Here is the thread : Automatic Platform Optimization Enabled & I No Longer See Visitor IP?

In theory there is a fix coming today, hope it will fix your issues if it is the case.



This seems like a glitch on APO, I would submit a ticket and see what cloudflare has to say.

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Glad to report this is now fixed.

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