Onboarding Tip: CF also checks nameservers in whois

Not a question but it might help someone.

I added my domains then made the NS record updates. After a day I checked and all my domains had updated in every DNS server I tried. But the domains were all still pending in the dashboard. I spent two days trying to figure out what the holdup was.

In an effort to find out who the real registrar was I finally did a Whois. Not sure why I hadn’t thought to do that before. It showed the old domain servers. There was a spot in the registrar domain config for nameservers separate from the zone editor. Once I updated them there, I got the domain added emails before I could do another Whois.

I’d suggest adding a Whois check to the “How to check if your domain nameservers are now pointing to Cloudflare” section of the “Changing your domain nameservers to Cloudflare” help page. Would have saved me a couple of days.

And yes, the domains CF can handle are transferring here as I type this.