Onboarding error

I’m getting an am error message about my DNS. I’m completely lost. Help please? I’m not very tech savvy and I was following a cloudshare tutorial on how to onboard.

Known issue, switch to desktop view in the browser.

@cloonan, any fix this year? :wink:


Thank you. I’m in a mobile. I can switch to desktop view whilst on these community pages but when back into the page I’m trying to resolve it switches back to mobile view. Do you know where I can find desktop view?

That depends on your browser, but usually there is a “switch to desktop” option where you can load the desktop view. Alternatively, try to change the value on an actual desktop.

I would but I have an old MacBook Pro from 2011 and doesn’t appear to display the pages correctly!:frowning:

You could install a different browser on your Mac, or, what mobile browser are you using?

I’ve tried safari and Firefox on the Mac and I’m using safari in mobile.

Thanks for all your help. I’m going to phone a friend and ask them to log in for me. (They have a newer Mac):ok_hand:

An Apple notebook from 2011 should run at least Mac OS 10.7. The last Firefox version supporting this version was 47, which is not the newest but should still reasonably well support modern webpages.

However I’d assume your notebook should also support 10.9, which would mean it would also support current Firefox versions.

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