Onboardign for end users?

We are about to roll Cloudflare out to our app. We are looking to let our end users know about the potential impact to their user experience before we do that. I was hoping to find some existing digital assets that show what common cloudflare screens look like. Anything out there someone knows about?

Cloudflare error pages are typically stylised like this (click the links)…

…or like this…

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I’m more looking for things that happen when the site is working correctly and Cloudflare wants to prove that the user is a human.

OK, I assumed you would break things in the transition and want the users to know :slight_smile:

Managed challenges look like this (trying to find a full page one, will grab one off my site when it gives me one)…

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Haha, thanks I already broke things in a way that didn’t show an error page, that was fun. I did however review the logs and skip that one OWASP rule that caused the issue. These are helpful, and then I can also just say it may ask for CAPTCHA.

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