On www.webpagetest.org i got "F" mark on "First Byte Time" Who is issue is it Orgin Server or Cloudflare or website code..?


On www.webpagetest.org i got an “F” mark on “First Byte Time”

My questions whose issue is it Orgin Server, Cloudflare or site code…? And how can i improve it…


882 ms First Byte Time
357 ms Target First Byte Time

Use caching on the initial request.
Sorry but without more info I cant give a more precice recommendation.
use static caching on your origin, or Cache Everything at Cloudflare.

Perfect would be: use both and clear cache on content change.

TTFB does not have anything to do with sitecode (unless the request/URL is completely dynamic)
The bad TTFB is in first place a origin Server problem, as Cloudflare by default does not cache HTML responses. But the problem can be concealed with Cache Everything like said.

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Thanks for answer!

You are welcome.
Keep in mind that the TTFB is always the first response from the Server. To have a worldwide perfect TTFB you will want to use Cache Everything, but dont forget to purge the URLs that changes. For Wordpress there are plugins which are doing this automatically.

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Thanks man, lots of information, te get head a round

Can you tell me where is “Cache Everything” option in free cloudflare panel…

I Have:

  1. Argo Tiered Cache enable
  2. Caching Level is standard

You will have to activate it by a PageRule:

But handle with care, it will litterally cache everything, as the name says, and you will have to purge the cache yourself on changes to make them take effect.

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Thanks again, i got the idea, so if my content is static and does not change offten it is normal to use…

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