On which (of the many, worldwide) Cloudlflare datacenters is my content cached?

Based on the Cloudflare support site I can use curl -svo /dev/null http://<your_URL> to check if a specific resource is being cached by Cloudflare.

But what I would really like to know is which of their many data centers around the world is caching the content. (How) can I do this?

Consider a simplistic example - Suppose my host/server is based in NYC, US. I get a visitor from Europe who requests some static content. Based on my understanding (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), Cloudflare checks if the nearest European datacenter has a local copy of that content - if not, it is fetched from my origin server, and stored in the nearest European datacenter (and also served to the visitor).

Assumption #1: only the nearest datacenter stores the content, and not all of the datacenters. Is this correct?

Assuming Assumption#1 is correct - now, another visitor from Asia requests the same piece of content and the nearest Asian datacenter doesn’t have a copy of it. Will the Asian datacenter check with other (European, etc.) datacenters if they have that content, or will it directly send a request to my origin server?

PS - my colleague also asked this on one of the stackexchange sites, but I’m not sure that is the right forum for a somewhat technical CF related question…

You’re off to a good start. And unless you’re using Argo, any data center that doesn’t have your content cached will hit the origin. Argo uses Tiered Caching, so it will check with a regional “super center” (my term) for the cached file.

If you’re asking for stats as to which centers are getting HITs for specific resources, you’d have to implement logging, such as logflare.com


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