On the location of CDN and source server

This is the case. For the Chinese user base, if you must hang the Cloudflare of DNS, it is the US ip back source

Then I want to ask, does the location of the source server affect the access speed?

For example, if my source server is located in Hong Kong or South Korea, it will be accessed faster than CDN users whose source server has CF in Los Angeles?

DYNAMIC content, such as HTML still has to come from the source server. Visitors closer to the source server will get their HTML faster, but static content (Images, CSS, JS) gets cached closest to your visitor.

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If the website is discuz program or pseudo static, I don’t check css, js and html cache in cloudflare settings. So are most of them from the source station? Another question is, from 22: 00 p.m. to 01: 00 a.m. China time, why can’t you visit the website very slowly or even

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