On the free plan, how can I change a web request with a domain name with a dot at the end to a regular domain name?

I have an S3 bucket that is successfully being hosted through Cloudflare through its normal domain name, https://example.com/. When I access it through the domain with a dot at the end, https://example.com./, which is a valid way to write the domain name, S3 gives the following 404 error:

404 Not Found

Code: NoSuchBucket
Message: The specified bucket does not exist
BucketName: example.com.

So, Cloudflare is correctly requesting it from S3, but apparently Amazon doesn’t know that domain names can end with a dot. I’d like all valid ways of writing the domain name to work.

On the free Cloudflare plan, how can I get requests with the dot at the end to be sent to S3 as requests for the normal domain name?

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