On Pro Plan, but Dashboard says I'm not

My Profile => Billing… page says that my domain XYZ.com is under a “Pro” plan. I also see the Pro plan being charged on my credit card today.

But the website drop down at top left of dashboard (near the logo) lists the website as under a “Free” plan.
Also, the Speed => Optimization settings tell me I need to upgrade to a “Pro” plan to modify those settings.

Something’s broken here…how do I get it fixed?

Hi @jkosmin, sorry for the trouble, suspect it’s a timing issue. Can you share the domain that is not on pro and should be? I can investigate it.


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Thank you, I took a look in your account and can see the issue on optimization, other pro level entitlements look to be in place, which is odd. Our internal systems do show the zone as on a pro subscription.

It may still be timing, but to be prepared and with the strange plan level message mismatches, can you login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support. Give them a bit of detail and link to this thread, please share the ticket number and I’ll keep an eye on it.

Thanks! I submitted a ticket just now.

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