On/Off/Manual Setting for Mirage

As with Rocket Loader, Mirage should have a Manual setting, but work in the opposite manner. Such that we can add a ‘data-cfmirage-ignore’ attribute to carousel images, or perhaps a ‘cfmirage-ignore’ class to the carousel’s container. This way the rest of the images on a site get Mirage but carousels will still operate properly.

Mirage is considered Beta because it’s an experimental feature that may cause issues displaying images in association with certain Javascript libraries, such as image carousels or photo viewers. Issues with Mirage affect only a small percentage of customers.

Hey Jules,

Thanks for the feedback. Do you have examples of pages/JS libraries being broken by Mirage? Could you open a support ticket to discuss this?

I don’t think a support ticket is appropriate, being that your site clearly warns of using Mirage with image carousels.
Rocket Loader has a similar warning. That’s why it would be nice to have similar controls.

You can see the issue here, where I made a page rule to enable Mirage only on this URL: https://virtue4business.com/mirage.cfm
You’ll notice the image at the top fades to blue for a while, then the next image fades in. The intended effect is complete image crossfade - no blank in between. It works correctly with Mirage turned off: https://virtue4business.com/

Hi Cloudflare Team

Do you know if it’s possible to enable/disable Mirage only on specific domains?

Mirage, and most Cloudflare settings, are on a domain-by-domain basis.