On nginx server, fastcgi cache not working with Cloudflare

On my dedicated nginx server, I have fastcgi cache set up, but it doesn’t seem to work with Cloudflare. At least, when I do a curl via ssh, it shows the Cloudflare cache, but nothing about fastcgi. Ditto when I use the Network tab in Firefox’s Inspect app. In both cases, I see “cf-cache-status DYNAMIC” and other info on Cloudflare, but not the expected “X-Cache: HIT”.

I’m using all the recommended settings for fastcgi and nginx.

What can I do to get fastcgi cache working?

Also, it shows: “Cache-Control max-age=0” - why is that?

Thanks for any help.

Clear cache and check in cloudflare or pause cloudflare for a moment and check

Thanks. I had paused CF before and it was still showing the server as CF, so this time I cleared the entire cache and paused it as well, and now it does not give CF as the server, but nginx. Still, no mention of fastcgi, I can’t figure out why it’s not working, and have googled the heck out of it. I know it’s not CF’s fault now, but any ideas? Thanks.

Try following this guide

Nothing new there I haven’t done. I’ll keep searching. Thanks.

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