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I installed CloudeFlare on to my site yesterday. I then added an A record for a subdomain. using the same IP address as my www folder. Last night the site displayed Error 1105 and my site stopped displaying (I think there may have been a conflict with the A record). I removed the said A record and the error disappeared and after 30 minutes the site was back up. however, when I view the site from a mobile it displays the following error (NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID) and does not allow visitors to visit the site. Please help.

Can you share the names you are referring to? Takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation.

Thanks Michael,
The domain name is eworkerhr.com. te subdomain is assessment.eworkerhr.com. I changed the SSL to Flexible thinking that would solve the issue, and the site is no longer loading. It says ‘page is not redirecting properly’.

On a mobile device at the moment so cannot check too much.

The subDomain is :grey:, so SSL mode does not apply. The HTTP(S) requests are going direct to your origin. And the origin does not have a certificate that matches the hostnames.

Too many redirects will happen if you have SSL flexible but do a redirect to HTTPS on your origin.

Use the Always Use HTTPS setting to force requests for your users over HTTPS, and set ssl mode full for the origin request. And get a valid certificate on the origins.

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Thanks. Site back!

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