On enabling Cloudflare IMUA (Under attack) mode, the website loads but redirects to an image

So, I have been facing a strange issue on my website.

Whenever I turn ON the IMUA (I am under attack) mode and then try loading my website, it loads accurately but after 2-5 seconds, it automatically redirects to an SVG image of my website. This happens for all pages on my website when IMUA is active.

Here’s a short video displaying the complete issue:

I really hope someone can help me with this issue as this is only happening when I enable IMUA mode. Currently, I have disabled IMUA mode and you won’t see any redirection on my website.

For the website link, please check the video, thanks for all the help!

Hi Sandro,

I just enabled the UAM mode as you advised, please feel free to have a look now.
Also, the JavaScript challenge did occur the first time so it might be something else.

Request you to take a look after clearing your cache.

I think I was able to resolve it. Here’s what I did:
My friend page had 3 SVG images to which the cloudflare was redirecting me to.
I simply deleted those 3 SVG images and replaced them with PNG images and that resolved my issue.

How I figured it out:
So, when I enabled UAM, it displayed the SVG with a cloudflare loading sign on my home page which seemed like the SVG images were still loading and after 2-4 seconds simply redirected me froom my home page to the SVG image which was being shown with loading sign.

Deleting and replacing SVG with PNG resolved the issue. Is this some bug which can be reported to Cloudflare team?

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