OMG I´m getting crazy. Change DNS and IP


Hi everyone, greetings from Spain. i don´t know anything about this kind of thing but i try to do watching tutos and blogs.

I´´m going to try explain my problem. I have my new website with siteground, yesterday I started to optmize the website befre start to upload the content, and one of the things people said to do is Active Cloud Flare.

Well, I have the hosting with Siteground and the domains with another company. Siteground and CloudFlare told me I had to change the DNS in the settings of the company I have the domain.

Ok, They gave me two new DNS and I went to the settings in the panel of the company where I bought the domains and change the DNS … BUT now the problem is that if I want to change the DNS I hve to put also the IP of the news DNS (the dns of Cloud Flare) and I don´t see anything to put there, I didn´t find the IP I have to put with the news DNS.

I hope I explain well my problem and someone can help me please!

Best regards!


What are the two Cloudflare name servers you need IP addresses for?

You can type them in here to get IP addresses to set up your DNS:


thanks! Cloudfare gave me two DNs names to put in my registar domain company:

1 -]


That’s one. And the other? has address


#6 has address


Ok, thanks!!

So, I have to put this IP in the registar company? But…these IP are sited in USa and I´m in Spain, is it good for the speed???


Those IP addresses are global and will direct users to the closest server.


Thank you so much. I´m going to read the FAQs you put. Thank you so much again! Regards!!!