OMG I´m getting crazy. Change DNS and IP


Hi everyone, greetings from Spain. i don´t know anything about this kind of thing but i try to do watching tutos and blogs.

I´´m going to try explain my problem. I have my new website with siteground, yesterday I started to optmize the website befre start to upload the content, and one of the things people said to do is Active Cloud Flare.

Well, I have the hosting with Siteground and the domains with another company. Siteground and CloudFlare told me I had to change the DNS in the settings of the company I have the domain.

Ok, They gave me two new DNS and I went to the settings in the panel of the company where I bought the domains and change the DNS … BUT now the problem is that if I want to change the DNS I hve to put also the IP of the news DNS (the dns of Cloud Flare) and I don´t see anything to put there, I didn´t find the IP I have to put with the news DNS.

I hope I explain well my problem and someone can help me please!

Best regards!

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What are the two Cloudflare name servers you need IP addresses for?

You can type them in here to get IP addresses to set up your DNS:


thanks! Cloudfare gave me two DNs names to put in my registar domain company:

1 -]


That’s one. And the other? has address


#6 has address


Ok, thanks!!

So, I have to put this IP in the registar company? But…these IP are sited in USa and I´m in Spain, is it good for the speed???


Those IP addresses are global and will direct users to the closest server.

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Thank you so much. I´m going to read the FAQs you put. Thank you so much again! Regards!!!

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