Older versions of Firefox unable redirect to the target page

Since May 4th,
I will get the following error whenever I visit any webpage that needs to be checked with Cloudflare.
ex: https://doge.click/visit

Checking your browser before accessing doge.click.

This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.

Please allow up to 5 seconds…
DDoS protection by Cloudflare
Ray ID: 7079030b6ad67bb5

During this period, my browser can’t redirect to the target page, and it will looply keep on this page and constantly changing the Ray ID.
For academic research purposes, I have to use an old version of Firefox (v56.0) to browse the web. Other new versions of browsers will not encounter the above problems.

From the above problem, it seems that Cloudflare’s redirect function was replaced with some kind of special code on May 4th.
It makes the older versions of Firefox unable to recognize its capabilities, causing it to keep trying to redirect and stay in the Cloudflare protection check page.

Can you help me to check the above problem?

This has come up a couple of times, it sounds to me like the sites are using bic and it is working as intended considering you’re using an out of date browser.


From my perspective, I have never encountered this Cloudflare blocking problem in the more than three years of my academic research with the old version of Firefox. It is the first time encounter this problem since May 4 this year. Certainly Cloudflare must have added or modified some kind of feature during this period. Such like mentioned in the above reply: BIC (Browser Integrity Check), etc.

Is there some way that older versions of Firefox can pass
the Cloudflare security check mechanism? Otherwise, if I need to give up the old Firefox development framework and replace it with a lastest browser and a new framework, it will be a hard and huge development project.

Recently, the older versions of Firefox enable to visit these websites with Cloudflare. I think it is because that Cloudflare team has recovered the redirect function as before to fix this bug.
Thanks Cloudflare team.

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