Old web admin ran off with our passwords!

Hi all,

My ecommerce site’s traffic has over doubled in the last month. As a result, the website is unstable. I’ve done all the necessary checks, but the hosting company assures me that the issue is with our Cloudflare account.

I didn’t know we had an account until this happened. I contacted support, but that can’t tell me which email address it’s connected to (fair enough). I have no idea what email address this is associated with - the girl who did my job before me kind of napalmed a lot of work as she left. Passwords were changed, email addresses were changed. It was a whole big thing. I thought I’d gotten all of it.

Anyway, the questions is
If I am to set up a new account, upgrade it from the basic plan - can I connect that to my website? Does the old account matter if I set up a new one?

Just to note, I’m not a web developer. I’m the marketing team for this company, but this falls under my remit. My knowledge of IT is decent, but some things are a bit out of my grasp.

Many thanks.

SO, I’m sure you’ve already dealt with this, but the quick answer is actually a question:
Do you control DNS?

By that I mean, where is the domain name registered (https://lookup.icann.org). If you can get into the registrar account where your domain is registered you can do anything. Without it though… well, that’ll take a different approach.

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