Old Version Showing Until I Refresh, but if I go back later the old version will show again

I have a new wordpress site setup with cloudflare plugin, no other cache plugins, and when I switched to PRO I started having issues with either pages of posts not updating when a new post is published or sometimes pages wont load correctly at all - banner at the top wont be full width and fonts will be messed up.

What is strange is if I do a CONTROL+SHIFT+R in windows it will load the site correctly, but if I leave and go back to that page again it will show the old version again. I also tried loading the site on a device that has never loaded the page before and its loading the old one. Shouldn’t the cloudflare wordpress plugin be prompting cloudflare to update with a new post being published?

What I did first to troubleshoot was set the browser caching to 2 minutes and it did not fix it, I also tried turning off rocket loader which forums suggested might help and purged cache, and it is still happening (initially it worked since purging cache fixes it, but only until a new post is published). What else can be trying in the cloudflare settings?

The latest post should be a picture of a panda bear. For me, it is showing a Ferret. If I CTRL+SHIFT+R, I see the Panda post but if I leave and come back I wont see the Panda anymore. If I goto the site on a new device I don’t see a panda either.