Old SSL Certificate

Hi there.

I have an issue, what’s make me crazy. For years we activate a Domain inside Cloudflare but then disabled Cloudflare and working without Cloudflare. Now, we activate the domain back again inside Cloudflare, set up everything BUT one Subdomain which was also on the old setup, still receive sometimes yes sometimes not THE OLD Certificate in the Browser. Yesterday, i active the Proxy back on and went to somebody who NEVER open the domain name. And what happened?! The browser gave alert for expired ssl certificate from Cloudflare. The old and new certificate are not the same, you can see it on the detail page from the certificate. I revoke the UniversalSSL and created a new one. Same issue. Some how, the old one, which ist not visible for me, is getting to the client browser… not the Proxy is off because of the ssl problem… Domainname and Details you can see in the pictures.

Is there a possibility of an old ssl certificate somewhere in an old account or setting from Cloudflare?!



Second Screen

New Certificate

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