Old SSL Certificate domain is with registro.br so don’t have a cloudflare account

Hi, I bought a domain on [registro.br] and I’m trying to connect with my online store on Shopify. However, they told me It is not working because it is being blocked by an old Cloudfare DNS which is why the SSL certificate is having issues.

So, I need assistance to remove any settings of my domain that are connected to Cloudflare.

The domain is currently NOT on Cloudflare and I didn’t register anything on Cloudflare. It is all from registro.br. I Just need the OLD settings removed.

I cannot get in contact with any kind of support from Cloudflare (It’s absurd!!!).

Can someone please help me?

If Shopify are saying that, then please open up a support ticket with Shopify asking them to open up a support ticket with Cloudflare to remove your domain from your prior SaaS platform. Cloudflare will then seek to remove this domain and will report back to Shopify. Shopify should be able to handle this on your behalf and Cloudflare will likely not talk to you unless you have a paid plan.


Thanks for the answer.
But I already tried that and they told me they could not do anything. Just needed to talk to some HUMAN on Cloudflare to solve this, I’m getting really annoyed with this situation by now.

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I can assure you @domjh passes the turing test and is human.

Some details here, FAQ: Having difficulties transferring domain to Shopify.

If shopify has indicated they are unable to assist you as is their responsibility, please forward that information to the Support team on your ticket 2398680


I was not talking about him, I’m sure his human.

There are topics here in the community similar to this one with the same issue and all of them were resolved by Cloudflare removing the old registers. So I really think Shopify cannot do much more. My problem is that I tried everything to get in touch with Cloudflare and It was useless. And I won’t buy a Cloudflare plan, I have no intent to use it.

I am banging my head against a brick wall. I talk to shopify they say I got to talk to Cloudflare, but I can’t talk to Cloudflare, so I am stuck.

This is not the case, it used to be that Shopify were not aware of how to fix this and passed this over to Cloudflare, however a process has been agreed between the two to get this sorted. Shopify are the ones who should be talking to Cloudflare.

I understand your frustration but ultimately it is Shopify who’s services you are trying to use and they should be the one fixing it.


Customer Support can only work with domain owners, in the case of domains that used an SSL for SaaS provider, the provider needs to remove the configuration by having their Support team contact Cloudflare Support. Again, send a copy of that information to Support so that they are aware of the official position being (inaccurately) shared by Shopify Support as that is not consistent with their partner responsibility.


Yes, that makes a lot of sense. But I’ve been talking to the Shopify support team for weeks now and I tried to tell them all of this and still they keep sending me to talk to Cloudflare. I’ll try again. Appreciate your support.


Let us know their reply on the ticket

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Ok! Thank you for your support.

I’m also reaching out to Shopify team again.


Update: Cloundflare support removed the old registers. The domain is working fine now! o/

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Sorry for the pain @giovanni.prvl and thank you for letting us know. Post back and let us know how it’s going and if we can assist.

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