Old SSL Certificate domain is with Fasthosts so don't have a cloudflare account

I am trying to move my domain over to Shopify and they are saying that my SSL certificate is old and needs removing, when I look at the help topics it is saying what to do but I don’t have all the links to do this?

Moving a domain over to Shopify should not be the least bit affected by an old SSL certificate. Setting up Shopify only involves DNS.

Unfortunately that is not what Shopify is saying and they are saying I have to contact Cloudflare

I have had the DNS settings all confirmed that these are correct but several different customer support people have said the same thing now

Ok, then go to your SSL/TLS tab, then at the bottom of the Edge Certificates screen, Disable Universal SSL.

This is what I have done and have been back to shopify and they have tried to enable it now, so hoping this will solve the issue, thanks for confirming this is what I needed to do as have done this!

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Thanks for your help

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Toward the top of that Edge Certificates page, there should no longer be a certificate listed:

I couldn’t see one in here before I pressed it??

I created an account with cloudflare but it asked me to do a name check on whois and change my servers to them, but I don’t know how to change them or if I would need to?

In that case, Cloudflare has no SSL certificate in your account.

Shopify are saying there is one, I’m going around in circles as everyone is blaming someone else

They should be able to provide the full certificate information, and how they’re seeing this.

I’m really trying to understand why you say you don’t have a Cloudflare account, but come here asking for help in removing SSL from some other host.

My domain was all set up with Fasthosts, and I had a website with Selz, but I am trying to change this over to Shopify, I went onto my domain on Fasthosts and changed all the DNS settings, but it hasn’t worked. So I have gone back to Shopify and they confirmed that it is Cloudflare that have an old SSL on the domain and this is stopping it. So I have contacted Fasthosts but they have said there is nothing they can do, so I registered with Cloudflare for them to hopefully help me remove this

How did they do this? If you haven’t had a Cloudflare account until now, there’s no reason for them to make you fix this. They have the super-mega-expensive Enterprise plan with Cloudflare. Why can’t they make it work?

I honestly don’t know, I am banging my head against a brick wall. My domain wasn’t working with Selz as an error updating Facebook shops and instagram shops and they couldn’t fix this either, so this has been going on since May, so hence me moving platforms and now I have this issue!

Cloudflare have now confirmed that the issue is with Selz with an old certificate with cloudflare so they need to remove it.

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