Old SOA record on CloudFlare?

Domain: geovent.co.uk

Registrar: Gandi
NS set at Gandi: ns1.siteground.com
www forwarded to CloudFlare at siteground DNS.

Some DNS lookups reports this correct:

BUT many finds a SOA record that points to CloudFlare NS:

What can I do?

That’s because your domain’s nameservers have two NS records pointing to Cloudflare.

nslookup -type=ns geovent.co.uk ns1.siteground.net
Server:  UnKnown

geovent.co.uk   nameserver = sam.ns.cloudflare.com
geovent.co.uk   nameserver = iris.ns.cloudflare.com

Either remove them yourself or clarify with your host why your nameservers point to Cloudflare.

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