Old parameter still used

I am experiencing an issue where the DNS rules on my Cloudflare site are not reflecting the new configuration, even after removing Cloudflare and reactivating it. I have already tried clearing my local DNS cache, but the issue persists. I suspect that this may be a bug with Cloudflare.

i remove my website with dns rules. I recreate but the old rules still used

Based on your explanation so far, I would be suggesting you to try this tool, for the all the (sub-)domain names that you are seeing issues with:

If that tool doesn’t help, can you elaborate on what you mean by “old parameter still used” / “old rules”?

I add the domain on my Cloudflare in a first time. I add some rules but i delete the domain in my Cloudflare account. And i re-import it. But now the dns rules used is from the first settings.

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