Old navagation has been removed even after i have given feedback previously that its totally useless on the most common screen resolution of 1366x768

i had prevously submitted feedback because the new sidebar navigation is totally useless on laptops with the most common resolution of 1366x768

half of the icons are missing off the bottom of the screen and without a scrollbar you cant access them

thats the sidebar now on 1366x768 laptop lcd, totally useless

even after giving feedback they have gone and removed the option now for the old horizontal navigation making the dashboard useless now

i hoped that the designers of the layout would listen to feedback, any good web designer tests the layout on various computer resolutions and also mobile devices to make sure its functional but i guess they dont care

why remove the option to switch between horizontal and vertical layout ? doesnt make any sense to me at all ?

i must apologise for my previous post, i was very irritated at the time :frowning:

but the problem still stands, its pretty unusable

its getting too annoying

half the icons are missing on the left

its unscrollable

just bring back the toggle option to switch between the new and old layouts ! why the héll was it removed ?

the new layout doesnt work on basic laptop screen resolutions. why wasnt this tested before it was pushed out ?

I can’t replicate this, it’s been scrollable since the new navigation released for me.

There’s no scrollbar, you just use a mouse wheel or trackpad whilst your cursor is over it.

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i dont have a mouse wheel and my laptop trackpad doesnt have 2 finger scroll

i have no way of scrolling it, if it had a scroll bar that would help but there isnt one :frowning:

it really is driving me insane

why couldnt they have left the toggle switch that was there to allow the old style and new style navigation ? why remove it ?

Not from the UI team but removing it made sense in my opinion. The old layout was limiting and we really started to outgrow it, looking at a zone there was no room for extra tabs at the top. Finding other products like Pages, R2 and Workers were more difficult. Furthermore, maintaining two different UI layouts is generally just more difficult.

As we grow our product range, the UI needs to grow to fit them all. We sadly outgrew that

Anyway, will pass this thread over to the UI team.


thanks, if they can just put a scroll bar into the side icon panel i’ll be a very happy bug :smiley:

While I was at a friends house I borrowed her desktop mouse and plugged it into my laptop, tried the scroll wheel and it was a real joy to see the hidden side icons finally scrolling :smiley:

I originally assumed it was a screen resolution issue as with no obvious way to scroll the side bar (for me) this was the mistake I made and im sorry about that

The issue is that my laptop trackpad doesnt support scrolling (i’ve tried every possible driver but it just doesnt work)

Im sorry about my ranting which was stress from frustration with the new UI

If possible please add a scroll bar to the side navigation icons


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any news on adding a scroll bar to the side panel so that i can actually scroll it and use the web site ?

i really havent been able to use my dashboard after the old navigation was removed

can someone please talk to the dev team because ive submitted feedback and nothing ever happens

Hopefully the team will address this in the future. For now, here’s some workarounds:

  • Click into the sidebar and use your up/down arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll
  • Use the TAB key on your keyboard to navigate to the links you can’t see
  • Or run document.querySelector('nav ul').style.overflowX = 'auto'; in your browser console to add a scrollbar to this element.