Old Hubspot account conflicting with new Cloudflare proxy record www

Has anyone managed to resolve this same issue via Cloudflare support?

I have had a ticket open with Cloudflare support for over 3 week as our www. DNS record only works in DNS only mode. When we turn on Proxy we see a 404 not found and what we believed to be a Cloudflare status page (screen shots were sent to Support)

After 10 days of no response from support I was asked to send more information where I captured all the info from multiple location and our webserver. I advised at the beginning of the ticket that there may be some stale records existing in Cloudflare (after reading similar posts) and that these must be overriding our setting. I knew this because when proxy mode was turned on I could not see any traffic hitting our webserver. Cloudflare support ignored this and replied with very short generic replies advising to contact our website provider. After I sent all the captures etc the support agent didn’t look at any of them or read my comments, just replied saying please contact your website provider.

I decided to look through all the logs myself in detail and have no found that when in proxy mode, the www record DNS changes to Hubspots public records rather that the DNS record we have published on Cloudflare. When in DNS mode if routes to the IP in our Cloudflare account and our website works ok, but when in proxy mode it routes to a different IP (HubSpot). We had a hubspot account over 3 years ago and hubspot must use Cloudflare for DNS and proxy etc) After contacting Hubspot they have told me the account was deleted a long time ago and they are unable to make changes, so I am back to Cloudflare support who do not take care to look into the situation and read the comments I made, then do not reply for days which is very frustrating considering the lack of investigation they performed given all the answers on a plate.

Can anyone help? Should Hubspot or Cloudflare resolve this issue?

If it is that issue then either could resolve it.

Otherwise there is a tool here you can use:

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Thanks that’s helped. I raised another ticket, marked it “Urgent” with these details and Cloudflare are now in the process of verifying my domain. Its very frustrating they could not tell me this was happening in the first place given I had provided all the clues. surely they can see the logs of the Source Server responses and that they are different IP source when in Proxy mode.

There is a chance that’s not the issue and they should have picked it up, but if it is then you should be on the right path now. Liberate the Hostname is also another option for a quick fix if that is the problem.

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Sorry I didn’t read that part, I’ve liberated the domain and its working! Thanks very much @domjh


Fantastic, do please close the tickets or reply and let them know the issue was resolved here to save their time.