Old Hosting Account to New: How to change Nameservers?


All my websites are on Cloudflare free SSL. They all were hosted on hostgator. Due to a big miscommunication, they have suspended my old account and now working on restoring the websites back to my new account. This means that my name servers have changed.

However, when I set up SSLs on Cloudflare, all of them were updated with the same Anna.ns.Cloudflare.com & dion.ns.Cloudflare.com. So I am not sure where to update the new name servers for all my existing websites.

Hostgator support person said that I may need to update the A record to point to the new IP adress but as I see, there are 6 A records for each website 5 of which point to old IP address.


Currently, the hostgator admin is restoring the websites. I want some guidance as what I should do to ensure that all my websites are pointing to the right hosting location or IP address?

Any help here or suggestion here is highly appreciated.

Hi @harish, I see your name servers are pointing to hostgator so assume you did not get this worked out?

Basically, you’d just update the IP address of your DNS records to point to the new server. Understood you have multiple records with multiple IPs, if all the end points are moving, your new host should have the detail as to new IP address of the asset, if not moving a particular service, then the IP on your DNS records should be the same.

To answer your topic question, moving to a new hosting provider should not require a change to your name servers, however.