Old domains still showing as active on my account

I have domains listed as “active” under my Cloudflare account that are no longer registered to me and are currently available for purchase via any registrar. How do I get these domains removed from my account?

To be clear, I have one domain (.co.uk) that is listed as active with an expiry date of Oct 13, 2026 that is no longer registered to anyone as it was cancelled via NOMINET. Clicking on “Manage” on any of these domains returns a “404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.” error.

You can remove the zone from your Cloudflare account on the zone overview page.


I’m well aware one can remove a zone from their Cloudflare account, I have already done this. However, this does not resolve my issue as the domain(s) are still listed as active under Domain Registration > Manage Domains.