Old Domain URL to New Domain URL (cloudflare page rule)

Hi i just want me know if Cloudflare do have a redirection from another TLD domain i have bought recently yesterday a domain and i want it to redirect without hosting in another hostign account. thanks!

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so i need only add my a record from domainb.com to domaina.com?

You need an A record but that is in no way associated with the other domain. Just follow the tutorial.

What are the domains in question and where do you want to redirect from?

sorry i did not get it

i dont have a hosting site on my another domain that i bought and i cant use parked domain or addons, i see the page rules that have forwarding to the another website idk if this would be work if this didn’t need at Cloudflare

I am not going to ask for a third time for your domains.

Without further information it is impossible to say anything more and I can only refer you to the tutorial. The tutorial covers the entire aspect of forwarding on Cloudflare.

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