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An old version of a client’s domain [Preformatted text](http://wheeldontreesfarm.co.uk) has started resolving again however the original hosting company have removed the site so looking at [Preformatted text](https://who.is/whois/wheeldontreesfarm.co.uk) I’m not sure if it’s resolving to a cached version of the site in Cloudflare. If this is correct how do we get it removed?

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What do you mean by Old Domain? Does your customer still hold the registration for this domain?

sorry should have clarified. We used to own the old domain but let it expire in January this year. It appears someone has since registered it but is pointing it to Cloudflare which is showing the old site or a version of it.

There is very little you can do if you let the domain go. If it is important enough to justify the legal fees, you should consult with an attorney that specializes in IP law.

Ten years of domain registration paid upfront probably costs less than the initial consultation with an IP lawyer and, unlike the lawyer, it has a guaranteed success rate.

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You should ensure your origin no longer responds to requests for the old domain. The Cloudflare cache static is dynamic, so they’re retrieving the content from somewhere. The most likely answer is the host the hosting company says it has removed.

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Thanks for the replies.

@cscharff - Now the old hosting has been removed how long will it take for the Cloudflare cache to remove?

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The content was labeled as dynamic so it is not cached at all, hence my suggestion the hosting provider block requests for the domain on the origin. It’s far more likely that the content still exists on the origin and is being retrieved than someone has gone to the trouble to copy it to their own server to display the same content.

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