Old DNS records when in proxy mode

Just transferred a domain and using Cloudflare to manage it. Setup Cloudflare nameservers on namecheap where my domain is registered. Cloudflare verified nameservers just fine but when proxy mode is enabled its using old dns records that used to be set when it was registered on godaddy. Seems like this is a common issue that others report and I have no way of getting godaddy to remove my domain from their Cloudflare account. Could someone please help me out? This has been a huge issue for me.

Support Ticket#: 2420856

As far as I know, GoDaddy do not use Cloudflare, where is the site pointing to when you proxy it?

Its pointing to the old hosting server that it used to be using when it was on godaddy. Its silly that Cloudflare takes priority to another accounts dns records that used to have this domain. Its a security issue and I really need help from someone to fix this. I am the owner of this domain and can easily prove it why doesnt my Cloudflare domain dns settings take priority?

This is due to the hostname priority - SaaS providers should remove your domain from their configuration when you no longer use their service.

I am pretty sure that GoDaddy do not use Cloudflare for SaaS though, are you sure it wasn’t just registered with GoDaddy and pointed to somewhere else for hosting the site? What do you see when visiting the proxied site?

You will need to contact the old provider and ask them to properly remove your domain from their setup, but I doubt this will be GoDaddy.

Right but my issue is the person that had the domain before is not cooperating and not available to help. It is a restaurant website im doing for my uncle and a third party company that built his site was managing his domain and he had them transfer it to his personal account. This cant possibly be the professional way for Cloudflare to handle this issue. I own the domain why is Cloudflare giving another company the ability to control my dns servers.This should prioritize the last individual to verify the domain. Can someone from Cloudflare please help me resolve this and delete these old dns records manually?

You can ask Cloudflare to manually resolve this, yes, but it will take significantly longer and be more difficult than the two minutes it would take the company to remove your domain.