Old Cloudflare SSL certificate stops domain from working


I’ve got an urgent problem that I can’t solve. The domain name visserchocoladedeurne.nl has an SSL certificate given out by Cloudflare. It was previously a Lightspeed webshop, not anymore though. The DNS records point to a new website, but it doesn’t show up because of the SSL certificate still being active on the domain. I don’t know how to pull it, because I’ve never added it. So it’s probably added automatically by Lightspeed? The new website should’ve been live for a few days already, but I’ve had to troubleshoot a lot to finally conclude that the problem lies with the SSL certificate. As you can probably understand, this is a real problem for our business. Could you remove it, as soon as possible please.

Thanks in advance!

Bas Hubers

Most likely. Have you asked them to remove it? They’re essentially the account holder for your domain’s Cloudflare integration.

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Thanks for your fast reply.

Yes, I’ve asked them and this was their response:

Thank you for contacting Lightspeed eCom Support. Lightspeed’s SSL certificates are held on the Lightspeed side; they’re not directly attributed to the domain. You may wish to verify with your domain provider no expired SSL certificate is attributed. This may also be a cache issue with whichever devices you’re testing with.

My domain provider checked everything today and they said that everything’s looking good on their side. If I check the domain in a tool like this one (Reverse IP Lookup - AdResults), it gives me the correct IP that’s listed in the DNS settings. But if I use this tool (SSL Checker), it says there’s still an SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare active. The new provider for my webshop service also checked everything on their side, they told me everything looked good except that their SSL certificate can’t overwrite the Cloudflare one. Their documentation said to contact Cloudflare directly to solve the issue.

The problem here is that you don’t seem to either be the old or new account holder for the domain. This means that you can’t really contact Cloudflare about the issue as the domain is not in your account. The partners you were with and are moving to must have paid agreements with Cloudflare and should be able to talk to support if they can’t resolve the issue themselves.

I’m not sure how this is supposed to help, given that you don’t control the Cloudflare configuration for the domain.


Thanks for the fast responses, both of you. The problem seems to have solved itself. I still don’t get it, but I guess it’s not worth figuring out… although I’d really like to know. The old webshop was already gone for months and there has been a temporary website in the meantime. Most important thing is that it works now.

Thanks again for the help!

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