Old Cloudflare SSL causing outage

Hey! We are using WPEngine that uses Cloudflare. But for our www version of the domain we are receiving the error.

[This certificate pack has reached expiration and has been removed from the Cloudflare network. Please purchase or upload a new certificate.]

We believe this is because a previous host / IT manager added us to the Cloudflare network, with an account we don’t have access to and it has the expired SSL on there.

Our host has provided us with the error above and requested we speak with Cloudflare to remove the old domain reference from their network.

Our domain is: unilite.co.uk

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Your domain is not using Cloudflare nameservers.

dig ns unilite.co.uk +short

The error you describe on your www hostname is not being presented to visitors.

Your domain is presenting no such error, either. If you do require further assistance, it would be helpful to start your own topic.

Yeah we couldn’t have it down so we’ve pointed it to a none Cloudflare DNS. That’s why it’s showing correctly

It would have a lot simpler and quicker to simply pause Cloudflare, or if you wanted more granular control, you can switch specific records from :orange: Proxied to :grey: DNS Only.

No one can help you troubleshoot while you have a workaround employed. If you return to Cloudflare DNS and encounter further issues, I recommend that you review the following Community #tutorial beforehand. It may be relevant to your situation.

At the moment the www is resolving to a Cloudflare IP and returning a valid cert issued by Cloudflare the same is true of the root domain… also damn it now I am trying to figure out how to justify buying new work lighting. :rofl:


Haha do it! Yeah the www. Is pointed to a none Cloudflare and redirected to the root on a Cloudflare for some reason before I worked here there was a Cloudflare only for the www. That seems to be causing an issue. It works with this workaround. I’m sure in 10 years someone else will be trying to get Cloudflare support on this :rofl: