Old Cloudflare account's records persist after site is removed

I am working on moving a site from an old developer’s hosting to my hosting.

Domain: birthdaysinbirmingham.com

My client was using a very old domain reseller (hyperstreet) and she wanted to remove the domain from this location and move it to another (I chose google Domains).

The previous developer was using Cloudflare (and seemingly the same NameServers).
I added my site to my Cloudflare account, imported all records, and changed the NS on Google to point to Cloudflare.

However, using the DNS lookup tool linked below, I’m still seeing the previous developer’s A, AAA, and other records rather than my own.

My next step was to reach out to that developer and ask them to remove the domain in question from their account. They did so at approximately 2:00PM EST on 10/19. As of 3:30 PM, the DSN checker tool still shows the previous developer’s DNS records rather than my own despite a 5 minute TTL. I also tried to rule out a DNS record lag by using Cloudflare as the DNS Server selection within DNSChecker.org.

In an effort to trouble shoot myself, I also purged all cache - though I didn’t have high hopes for that resulting in success.

I’m currently getting an Error: 521 Web server is down - I believe it is in part because of firewall issues. However, the root cause is still that the DNS records do not reflect my current Cloudflare settings; instead, the display the old account’s records.

I paused Cloudflare - after a few minutes, the DNS records show the new server IP address - however, upon unpausing, the 521 error comes back and the DNS records return to the old developer’s server.

Any help or troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @stevenheyen4,

Looks like you got this sorted, the site seems to be working with Cloudflare.

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