Old cache version won't go away

Caching issue.

  1. On my Wordpress site I have disabled all caching plugins (WP-Rocket)
  2. Did a Purge All in my Cloudflare account

Still seeing my old cached website. Tried viewing my website on both Crome and Safari browsers. Tried incognito. Tried also clearing my history sessions cookies browser data.

Still seeing an old version of my website.

Any clues how to fix?

If you just moved your site to a new host, it may be this:

I have set up this website from the start on Cloudflare. The provider is GreenGeeks and I am doing websites with them for years so the account is not new.

This specific website is new. It has run Cloudflare form the start of development. I don’t know if this then still applies however I will talk to them and show them this article.

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