Old cache being shown to users

Older CSS files are being shown to users even though I purge all the cache from Cloudflare. How can I resolve this issue? Would lower TTL resolve this?

Are the files being stored in the browsers local cache too? What are your browser cache ttl’s looking like?

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Ah yes, Browser caching it is!

It is enabled and the TTL is set to 6 months, that is the issue.

What TTL would you recommend for a dynamic website?

I have set the cache to purge every 24H so would it be a good idea to set BrowserC TTL to 24H as well?

Honestly, for my dynamic endpoints I disable browser cache altogether.

Wouldn’t that be a big loss performance wise?

I mean, if its dynamic and changing anyways then cache would be stale anyways

That is true, however if I could make out the parts that are not dynamic and cache them, would that be worth?

Yeah I believe you could use page rules to set caching rules with something like

www.example.com/dynamic/$path > no cache
www.example.com/ > cache

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Thanks for the help. Will look into it.

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