Old account suspended,

At the start of march 2020, I moved my 2 domains from NameCheap to Cloudflare Registrar. after some days the Cloudflare account is suspended.

Now I make a new Cloudflare account and add my domains to it. It is asking me to update Nameservers but I have no access to my old Cloudflare account. For the last 7 8 days, I am in contact with Cloudflare support but still, my issue is not resolved.

Anyone here in this community who can help me?

Can you post the ticket number from your Support message?

If your domain has been suspended, it is likely because malware or pinshing has been identified on your site. In this case you should have received an email reminding you to fix it. However, if your cloudflare account has been suspended it maybe because you are violating TOS Terms of Use | Cloudflare or some cloudflare rule.

Report updated: (#7008398)

I didn’t violate any terms and conditions. They send me email about some kind of SDN list but i no have internet access almost 15 days that’s why I can’t send my identity proof on time and they suspend my account.

Now.i make new account but i have 2 domains in old cloudflare registrar that i moved from namecheap registrar to cloudflare registrar at the start of march 2021.

I need these domains. This time my both sites are down just because of cloudflare.