Old account deleted, sill Cross-user banned


I had an old cloudflare account that I have since removed a domain from and permanently deleted.

I have created a new cloudflare account and pointed my domain’s godaddy nameservers to the new account.

I’m still getting Error 1014: Cross-User Banned when I try to proxy my www CNAME

Without the proxy, certain users are receiving security warnings when accessing my site. It also means my root domain forwarding page rule isn’t working.

Is there a way to expedite the deletion process of the old cloudflare account? I don’t understand why I’m still receiving this error.

What’s the domain?

You would need to fix this first though, there must not be any security warnings without Cloudflare.

Hi Sandro, thanks for the help.

the domain is independentsforcanberra.com

I believe the security message is coming from the type of certificate. That’s the only difference between this setup and another site I have up and running.

Yes, that is what needs to work first. You’d need to contact your host to get this fixed.

Your site seems to load fine on www though and the naked domain redirects to www. So overall it seems to work.

It works at the moment you’re right. The problem is that I think the naked domain redirect rule is coming from somewhere else (not my current cloudflare account) because at the moment my www CNAME isn’t proxied.

When I set it to proxy that’s when I get the cross-user banned error

That is because your host is also using Cloudflare and that’s what the message refers to. With this setup, I am afraid you will not be able to proxy the www entry.

I’m worried that it’s due to the old cloudflare account and now that I’ve queued that account for deletion (and have no access), the old account is going to randomly delete one day and the site will go down

Has nothing to do with that account, it’s for what I mentioned in my previous reply.

Oh strange, my host is a CMS called NationBuilder.

All the sites I run through there with cloudflare work. Thanks for the tip, I guess I’ll have to see if there’s anything I can do on that end.

You can discuss it with your host, but as long as they provide this setup, you won’t be able to proxy it I am afraid.

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You can also find more information at Deprecated - The orange to orange problem

thanks for your help!

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