Old AAAA records still showing up, DNS_PROBE... error

About 60 hrs ago, I moved a domain name from someone else’s Cloudflare account to mine and changed the hosting to WP Engine. In this process, I deleted several DNS records that were on Cloudflare (including all AAAA records) based on guidance from WPEngine hosting. However, now there is a DNS conflict and the site is not accessible (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN). I was told there are still AAAA records showing up in the DNS setting on whatsmydns, but there are no AAAA records in my current Cloudflare setup. Do I just wait longer and hope it resolves, or has it been long enough to assume something is wrong in the configuration? Any insight on how to get this site back up is much appreciated.

Also there is DNSSEC set up via google domains. Could that be related at all?.. Thanks for any help!

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When you enter only A or AAAA records that are set to :orange: proxied, that controls whether Cloudflare uses IPv4 or IPv6 to communicate with your origin site. Cloudflare will still answer both A and AAAA queries.

Invalid DNSSEC at the registrar will definitely break your DNS on any validating resolver. You can test your DNSSEC with DNSViz. The following Cloudflare article has more information.


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Thanks so much, problem solved.

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