Okta groups and Cloudflare dashboard access

Hi, after enabling Okta SSO I’d like to achieve 2 things:

  • Perform group mapping between Okta groups and Cloudflare roles

  • Granular access for Cloudflare dashboard, allowing only certain Okta group to configure a specific Zone

Is this possible? I have been reading through

Additionally I found this topic Map Okta attributes or group membership to Cloudflare roles what makes me think this is still not possible?

Thanks in advance

Not supported.

Only users invited to an org can manage an org. Management is at the org level, not domain today so you’d need to have no orgs created to segregate permission to edit by domain.

If it has changed your Cloudflare account team would be the ones who have the details, I’d recommend double checking with them.

Clear now, thanks @cscharff !

Hi codefi-infra,
You wrote you managed to enable Okta SSO,
Did you managed to make that the login to the system is done through Okta and Okta alone?
No matter what Iv’e tried it directs me the the site itself to make the login there.
Can you advise on what you did if you managed to do this?


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