Loads fine for me


When exactly do you get that redirect?

This is the second time today.

Can you load your site and post a full screen screenshot? Preferably a video if possible.

I didn’t put any redirects! that’s the trouble, it happens arbitrarily.

That is most likely an issue with your site then. Have that checked for any JavaScript of configuration changes.

No redirect here either -> sitemeer.com/#https://meksikatur.ru/, all 200s

The website works perfectly.

I know, I just mentioned that twice :wink:

But still if you have random redirects that most likely comes from your server, Cloudflare doesnt do that.

Someone will have compromised your server and inserted their own code. You need to check that.

Redirect steel here!

That is a completely different issue and you never mentioned that it was some random service that got a redirect. I am afraid it is rather difficult to help if you omit half the information.

The redirect is most likely user agent based in that case. Again you need to check your server, that is very unlikely Cloudflare related.

I do not understand, but this problem only with Yandex Analytics system, with Google Analytics nothing like this happens.

I see

What information is needed to resolve the issue?

You need to clarify this with the person responsible for maintaining your website or server.

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I’m making this site in a Wix type constructor. I have no access to the server part.

Well, it is hosted by a Russian service, so that probably is not Wix. You probably best contact your host then.

And yet, this problem occurs only on the Pro tariff. On a free tariff, everything works without problems but there is little sense from a free tariff.

For the nth time, it is extremely unlikely this is in any way related to Cloudflare, let alone the plan type. If there really is a redirect happening then this will be on your server, not Cloudflare.

It’s not Wix, it’s like one. It’s just to easy understand that I do not have any access to server side information.

Whichever service it is, you will need to contact them if you cant check the server or its configuration yourself.