When we chose to use CDN of Cloudflare with Pro plan, I started to see redirects 302-301 from my site to ohio8.vchecks.me, sometimes, back to 200 without my participation. It broke my hope about Cloudflare usefulness because main website pages were not in list of google in the time with redirects. It was a big problem to quit from Cloudflare and to fix all what it had done with our site.
So, the idea with using CDN is good but, we need it exactly how we need it and where we need it without witchcraft and harm.
If I misunderstand the problem what we gut, pleas explain me, what happened with redirects from origin to ohio8.vchecks.me.

Is ohio8.vchecks.me your site?

:slight_smile: no. Cloudflare use it for some reason.


So what is your site then? What exactly is the issue?

I fixed all already. I wrote about the problem in the topic.

actually, the problem with redirects left itself after disabling Cloudflare :slight_smile:

I want to know what this address is ohio 8.v check.me and why were there eternal redirects from my site to this address? And my site meksikatur.ru

Your domain does not seem to be on Cloudflare in the first place.

Yes. I quit that service because of (I wrote in the topic why). My question is, why did the problem happen and what is the address where was the redirect of my site? ohio8.vchecks.me

Are you saying you only had the redirect when you were on Cloudflare and now you dont any longer?

That is relatively unlikely, but if that was the case you might have configured a respective page rule yourself. With your site not being on Cloudflare it is impossible to say more on that however.

People, I respect your desire to help, please read the topic and correspondence carefully and thoughtfully before you write something. Thank you very much!

Your original posting was not very clear. Can you address my last question?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying, that when using Cloudflare there were constant spontaneous redirects. Redirects led to cached pages of my site at the address ohio8.vchecks.me/…… Analytics counters registered domain unavailability, which is probably why it happened. But all this happened while I was using Cloudflare. Now I do not use it and everything is back to 200 instead of 301 and 300

In that case I can only repeat this

If you want that to be looked at you’d need to move the site back.

I didn’t set my own redirect rules

Well, I’ll risk using the service again and get back to this conversation if the problem occurs again.

Hi, everybody. I connected Cloudflare to my misfortune. And the problem became what it was again.

This is a big problem wit using Cloudflare!