Og:image:secure_url won't load an image

When I use the tag on my site:

meta property=“og:image:secure_url” content=“myimage.jpg”

it won’t load the image if I have Super Bot Fight Mode / Definitely Automated set to BLOCK.

If I turn it to ALLOW, the image loads fine. I test by sending myself an iMessage. No image when “BLOCK” or “CHALLENGE” is set.

I do not have HOTLINK PROTECTION on either.



Should point to an example HTTPS URL address like https://www.domain.com/myimage.jpg, is it like that or not?

Does anything appear in your Firewall events at Cloudflare dashboard when you have that Firewall Rule (I do not know which one) set to action BLOCK?
What is your Firewall Rule looking like?
If you could set a new one and put it above with action ALLOW for Facebook bot or Facebook IP address maybe?

May I ask what is the URL of the webpage you are trying to debug?

Kindly, check here:

May I ask how big your image size is?:

The only clients loading those images are bots so they will be blocked based on this alone.

Also, you have to use the full URL for the image - not relative paths. Anything different than https://… won’t load.

Hi all,

Thanks for the reply. I do fully reference the image. Sorry that I just used the image.jpg in my example. It is fully referenced. The image is 500KB.

Yes, as I had suspected I have bot fight mode to block automated bots, and when I disable it, the images load just fine.

Any way around unblocking preview images?


I checked the firewall and indeed my home IP along with the URL of the page I was trying to send is 'BLOCKED" because of “Firewall: Managed / Manage Definite Bots”.

I used my Surfshark VPN to give me IPs from around the world and every time the preview image is blocked. Maybe it is blocking by user-agent? That’s the only item that doesn’t change when I try to send a preview link via iMessage.

This isn’t a big issue but I wish I could see the preview of images when sending them on facebook or imessage. If I “ALLOW” bad bots/automated bots, it works fine.



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