Offline viewing

Hi, there! We’re looking for an alternative to our current streaming service, Stream sounds interesting.

How can we implement an offline viewing on mobile (our mobile application has this feature, the user can download the video to watch it later)? We didn’t find a way to get the direct video URL to download it (for this specific case).

Thanks in advance.

I think you would use a second storage solution (like S3) and use it for non streaming purposes like the one you cited.

Yeah, but hard to manage thousands of videos in two different storage providers and worse than that: the costs. =(

Maybe reorganizing the ingestion process. Getting the video uploaded to S3 and then with a Lambda hook uploading to Cloudflare. Thus keeping a 1:1 relationship, the main drawback still would be the cost.
How else would you approach the problem?

Your approach is good but, it comes with a complexity that we want to avoid. :frowning: For example, SproutVideo is a service with the better of the two worlds: Streaming and direct download (but the streaming part is not so good as Stream).

Anyways, thank you so much for your attention.